A perfect start in 2008

Wofie 2008 took place from 1st-4th of April 2008. It was a great success with more than 450 enrolled students, 3 campuses, 7 locations and 90 interdisciplinary groups of 5 students.

In 2008 Wofie had no theme and there was an extensive focus on the creative development tools and a synchronized innovation process, where one activity is finished before the next activity is started.


Some of the students who participated in Wofie 2008 concluded following:

“Fun meeting new people with other knowledge and background than your own."

“It was nice. Sometimes it was very difficult because of the difference in ways of thinking, but it was at the same time challenging. I liked the challenge and the idea of working interdisciplinary.”

“We had a lot of fun in our group, which made us progress fast through the innovation process."