Wofie 2009 took place from 14th-17th of April 2009. This year we had about 370 enrolled students, 3 campuses, 4 locations (two off-campus in Aalborg) and 80 interdisciplinary groups of 5 students

In 2009 we introduced clusters. A cluster is 6 groups pooled together through scheduled activities. We also introduced the first theme on Wofie, “Climate Changes”. The process had a more extensive focus on the innovation part, less on the entrepreneurial part and still a synchronized innovation process.



Some of the students participating in Wofie 2009 concluded following:

”The speakers were interesting and for someone like me, who doesn’t know much about climate changes, the facts I got from the lectures were very useful.”

”Since I study innovation management, I know how difficult it can be to explain what innovation is and how to use it in a practical way – therefore the dimensions of innovation was a good approach.”

”Very motivating and interesting lectures, which made me think about getting more involved in innovation.”