Wofie 2012 took place from 27th-30th of March 2012. It was a great success with more than 300 enrolled students, 3 campuses, and 45 interdisciplinary groups of 7 students.

The theme in 2012 was: "Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship".



Some of the students, who participated in Wofie 2012 concluded following:

”I think it was an excellent theme even though I did not find it easy to work with. That is also a part of the process.”


”Wofie is on the spot. […] It is an extremely relevant course and the concept is definitely up to date, inspiring and motivating. Though it is very stressful at some periods it is definitely not as a regular lecture!”


“It was fun! My group worked out a fine business concept I think, and we also enjoyed ourselves during the 4 days of workshop.”