What is Wofie?

Do you want to work together with skilled people from various professional backgrounds and be the expert in your field?

At Wofie you will be working with mixed teams, develop an idea based on this year's theme, find the business model and pitch it to a professional jury.

Wofie is an annual course in innovation and entrepreneurship. This year Wofie is only for selected studies due to change in governmental laws for extracurricular education. However we have a couple of free spaces and would like to offer these to students who really want them – a talent with real motivation for being a part of this four days program. Both national as well as international students can participate, as the working language at Wofie is English.

To see what Wofie is about, you can check out our Facebook page galleries or the videos we have produced.


Pictures from this year's WOFIE.Remember to tag your friends and team members.No copyright for private use, but...

Opslået af WOFIE: Workshop for Innovation and Entrepreneurship på 10. april 2014


Video of Wofie - by filmfront


The first two days of the workshop focus primarily on innovation and the last two days focus primarily on entrepreneurship. You are put into groups with 5-6 other students who come from different fields of study than you. In addition, students will be mixed across the all four faculties.

After the preliminary exercises (which take place every morning) your group will work on idea generation and move on to building your business proposal within the annual theme. The theme of Wofie 2016 was 'Smart Cities'. Experts within business creation and relating areas will be available during the workshop and there will be an opportunity for sparring about the case.

The last day all groups will be competing with each other presenting their business concept to a preliminary jury. The final jury, with a majority of business people, evaluates the individual presentations based on innovation, verification, business and convince.

Wofie is hosted by AAU Inkubator which is facilitating events, workshops, and courses within entrepreneurship. AAU Inkubator is also arranging AndStartups.com which is a series of events for startups and student entrepreneurs.