Wofie 2011 took place from 12th-15th of April 2011. This year we had about 400 enrolled students, 3 campuses, 4 locations and 70 interdisciplinary groups of 6 students.

The cluster formation introduced in 2009 was kept as well as the theme from 2010: “Life: Science & Quality”. However, this year the steering committee developed a new Wofie methodology resulting in a guide-map showing equal attention to innovation and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the guide-map now presented the opportunity for an asynchronous innovation process, meaning it was now easier to guide the individual groups through the process depending on their progress level.



Some of the students, who participated in Wofie 2011 concluded following:

”I would like to thank Wofie for the opportunity on this semester to work on a realistic problem based case. I’m an architect student and considering getting my own company in the near future, with focus on quality of life. During the workshop I had a really fine experience with the interdisciplinary group work. So thank you and keep up the good work.”

”It was an excellent experience for me and I couldn’t have asked for more from this workshop.”

”Cool event. I learned a lot and I really enjoyed it. Thank you!”