Past years

Wofie - the largest workshop of its kind

Wofie was established in 2007 due to the development contract between Aalborg University (AAU) and the government, in which AAU obligated itself to offer all candidate students a course in innovation and entrepreneurship within the end of 2008. A steering committee with representatives from all, at the time, three faculties and a project management consisting of SEA (Supporting Entrepreneurship at Aalborg University) was put together and WOFIE was developed into an EU project , and offered to all 8th and 10th semester candidate students.

Wofie therefore had its take-off in 2008 and became the largest workshop of its kind in Denmark; maybe even Europe, teaching more than 400 students about innovation and entrepreneurship using video conference to connect campus Aalborg, Esbjerg, and Copenhagen ( Since then WOFIE has developed and has become a true inspiration for creative learning designs around the world. Latest WOFIE was adopted by Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia.

Unfortunately, Wofie 2010 got cancelled, due to the request of the university management experimented with executing the course as a summer school the 24th-27th of August. As a result of a very low number of enrolled participants, the Wofie steering committee, in consultation with the rector of Aalborg University, Finn Kjærsdam, decided to postpone the workshop to the spring of 2011.

In Denmark Wofie is now an annual course in innovation and entrepreneurship and has had numerous partner educational institutions such as University College Northern Jutland, University of Southern Denmark, University College South Denmark, Copenhagen University College of Engineering and Roskilde University. In the beginning it was mandatory for most students at Aalborg University to participate. Today it is only mandatory for about 100 students and approximately 300 sign up every year as a free study activity. Today the students receive 2 extra credits on their university transcript and a diploma to enclose with their CV.